Below is the start of a collection of poems and stories from doctors who have or who are struggling. They describe the challenges that they have faced or are continuing to face and the action that they have taken or are taking to gain control back into their lives. The actions that they take on a daily basis to prevent further problems, the lessons that they have learnt about themselves and life.

I hope that these stories will give you hope and courage, and reassure you that you are not alone. I hope also that some of these stories may inspire you that there other possibilities out there.

We ALL have the potential to find other ways to make our lives fulfilled & meaningful, both within and outside medicine.


My story

“It’s Okay to be mentally unwell & be a GP. You can get better”

“Staying well” after being mentally unwell as a GP

“Coming Out” 

“I didn’t know I was unwell until I was very unwell”

“I’m a better doctor for accepting that I have a mental health problem” Guardian article by Dr Zoe Norris

“What helped me get back to work and thrive” by Dr Kate Dyerson

“On leaving medicine” by Dr Clare Barton

“Life after medicine” by Dr Clare Barton

“What I won’t miss over the festive period”

“Preventing burnout. What I would do differently knowing what I know now”


“About burnout”

“Experiential practice”

“Mount Backlog”

“Burnt-out but Not Washed-Up “

what is your story?


If you have a story that you feel would be helpful or inspiring to others that may be using this site, please do get in contact with me at

I look forwards to hearing from you.

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