Thriving, not just surviving.

Our working environment has changed enormously over the last few decades. The workload, intensity and patient complexity have grown exponentially. In parallel, the time and space that we have at work and at home to recharge and support each other has become massively compressed. My last post looked at the factors that make doctors vulnerable … Continue reading Thriving, not just surviving.

Jungle gyms and re-defining success

On qualifying as a GP, I followed a traditional route from trainee to salaried and locum doctor, to  partner,  trainer, and appraiser. A path that many doctors of my generation have taken. Underneath, I  suspected that the anxiety which appeared in my 30’s, as the invincibility  of my 20’s faded, would limit my time in … Continue reading Jungle gyms and re-defining success

New GP Health service

Mental ill-health in doctors is a global phenomenon. Doctors experience more mental ill health and addiction than other professional groups1. The numbers in the UK are high. A recent survey of 600 doctors by the Medical Protection Society (MPS), reported high levels of stress (75%), anxiety (49%), depression (32%) and suicidal feelings (13%) 2. There are higher rates … Continue reading New GP Health service

Journeys with the Black Dog

Winston Churchill famously talked about his “black dog”, a metaphor for the depression, which plagued him for much of his life. For me, the black dog conjures up images of the snarling, menacing, oppressive beast that haunted me when I was younger reading Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘The Hound of Baskervilles’. All the more sinister in … Continue reading Journeys with the Black Dog

# My 3 words. Reword yourself for the Year Ahead.

How often do you start the New Year with optimistic resolutions, which you never see through, despite good intentions? As medics, we are used to setting ourselves SMART goals and objectives. These work for the purposes of appraisal. They commit us to something specific that we can evidence to others. Last year, I discovered a … Continue reading # My 3 words. Reword yourself for the Year Ahead.