Preventing Burnout Part 4 – Increasing our recharge at Home

This is the last post that I wrote for Locum Organiser and Medical Exam Prep  last year. There are 4 posts in all. They provide some newer suggestions on prevention, much of which link in with the Wheel of Wellbeing Our lives are often frenetic both at home and at work. The last person that … Continue reading Preventing Burnout Part 4 – Increasing our recharge at Home

Anxiety: 8 keys things that have helped me

“Control the controllables” is what an ex-professional rugby player friend told me when I confessed to feeling anxious. I was reminded of this recently when listening to Patrick McKeown. He talked about a famous Irish rugby player who would get really anxious and lose sleep before a big match, despite many years experience. So what … Continue reading Anxiety: 8 keys things that have helped me

The Power of Sleep

I was asked at my last appraisal if I was sleep deprived. When considering our health and fitness to practise, the Leicester Health Structured Reflective Template (SRT) suggests asking about sleep, along with other questions relating to managing stress and work-life balance. As a mum of three, my youngest being 15 months old, I certainly was sleep … Continue reading The Power of Sleep

Mindfulness meditation

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” Jon Kabat-Zin When I talk or listen to peers and colleagues, I am amazed at how many healthcare professionals are already integrating mindfulness, meditation or relaxation techniques into their lives on a regular basis in order to ground themselves and find headspace and calm . Many successful apps, like Headspace … Continue reading Mindfulness meditation

Building resilience -your 5-a-day

As work gets increasingly demanding and stressful, often not balanced by energy repletion at home, it is all too easy to neglect our own well-being. As Dr Paddy Barrett notes in the Dr Paradox, “For physicians to sustainably provide help” to patients, they must first and foremost help themselves. Not to do so will ultimately degrade one of … Continue reading Building resilience -your 5-a-day