A poem about “Experiential Practice”

By the same author as the poem about Burnout.

This is the second in her series.

“Experiential Practice”

Depression, Insomnia, OCD
Anorexia, Stress, Anxiety
A minor expert you will see
If you consult this GP
For they have all afflicted me

With these conditions of the mind
I like to think that you would find
Knowledge and empathy aligned
Compassion and support combined
Holistic care defined

But if life and mood both go awry
And sleep is in short supply
When all I want to do is cry
If carry on at work I try
Emotional reserves run dry

When I am also in despair
Your problems are hard to bear
And you are probably unaware
That I only pretend to care
On neither one of us thats fair

If you have any thoughts or simply want to say thank you to the author for sharing her poem, please do comment below or like the post. It takes a huge amount of courage to share something like this.

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