Preventing Burnout – Part 2 – Managing Stress at work

This is the next post that I wrote for Locum Organiser and Medical Exam Prep  last year.  There are 4 posts in all. They provide some newer suggestions on prevention.... Last week, I mentioned Dr Dike Drummond’s “Burnout prevention matrix”. For me this provides a great way to dissect burnout prevention by looking at strategies … Continue reading Preventing Burnout – Part 2 – Managing Stress at work

New GP Health service

Mental ill-health in doctors is a global phenomenon. Doctors experience more mental ill health and addiction than other professional groups1. The numbers in the UK are high. A recent survey of 600 doctors by the Medical Protection Society (MPS), reported high levels of stress (75%), anxiety (49%), depression (32%) and suicidal feelings (13%) 2. There are higher rates … Continue reading New GP Health service

Journeys with the Black Dog

Winston Churchill famously talked about his “black dog”, a metaphor for the depression, which plagued him for much of his life. For me, the black dog conjures up images of the snarling, menacing, oppressive beast that haunted me when I was younger reading Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘The Hound of Baskervilles’. All the more sinister in … Continue reading Journeys with the Black Dog