Mount Backlog

A poem dedicated to those who work from dawn to dusk and beyond!

 An early start decides my fate
For ‘Mount Backlog’ lies in wait
Whilst the sane are still in bed
My only chance to get ahead

Days off, I’ve spent to no avail
Seeking ‘catch-up’ Holy Grail
Declaring ‘I’m not really here!’
By sneaking in in yoga gear

Eternity it seems to take
My old computer to awake
With protest, it demands renew
My password change long overdue

‘Something easy’ first of all
A few scripts left if I recall
But now I cant believe my eyes
The ‘baskets’ somehow multiplied

Try not to count that’s the trick
Focus hard and start to click
‘Winning now’ I dare to think
Then realise I’m out of ink

And paper too! Which means delay
Whilst I reload my printer tray
I’m ‘spotted’ making cupboard run
My ‘undisturbed’ plan now undone

Anxiously I work and watch
Racing now against the clock
‘Phones over’ time approaches fast
All hope of catching up has passed

The ‘on call’ doc is always late
Never here on time at eight
If I’m the only one who’s in
Ill get no peace when calls begin

Window of opportunity gone
Once reception staff log on
The daily deluge now begins
Mount Backlog somehow, always wins!

As before, if you have any thoughts or questions, or even a thank you to the author for sharing her poem, please do comment below. It takes a huge amount of courage to share something like this. (You will need to sign in here to do so if you don’t already have a WordPress account).

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