This poem and its introduction have been written by a doctor who found poetry the best way to share her experiences.

She has written a series of poems on burnout, what I won’t be missing this festive period, burnt out but not washed up, Mount Backlog, Coming out and Experiential Practice. Please do take a look at them all.


Wallowing in self regret
Revolving slowly soaked in fret
Things I’ve done and things I’ve said
The track repeats inside my head
Useless daughter, Hopeless wife
Worthless in my working life
The friend who can’t begin to bear
Success or joy of whom I care.

Careless comment, thoughtless word
Replaying hurt, no slight unheard
Paranoia fills the gaps
Resolve to break the cycle saps
Until I can no longer hide
The spinning pity pain inside.

If I reveal these thoughts of blame
Would that relieve the guilt and shame
Or would it drive the world away
Repelled by what I have to say
The symptoms I’m afraid to share
Could honesty compound despair?

If you have any thoughts or simply want to say thank you to the author for sharing her poem, please do comment below or like the post. It takes a huge amount of courage and vulnerability to share something like this.

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