Why is this happening now and what can we do about it?

Some have called physician burnout a public health crisis. If you read any of Dr Pamela Wibble's work she says that "physician burnout is physician abuse". Is it just that we are not sufficiently resilient?  Are some of us just too long in the tooth to change and learn and adopt a “resilience toolkit”? Given the … Continue reading Why is this happening now and what can we do about it?

Improving our resilience

Dr Jenny Napier has written a fantastic article in the journal of holistic medicine “Resilience – How we keep sailing”. She “draws parallels between resilience and what is required for safe sailing and navigation”.  She talks about the importance of social networks, both within and outside of work”- the stronger these are, “the more resilient we become” … Continue reading Improving our resilience

Building resilience -your 5-a-day

As work gets increasingly demanding and stressful, often not balanced by energy repletion at home, it is all too easy to neglect our own well-being. As Dr Paddy Barrett notes in the Dr Paradox, “For physicians to sustainably provide help” to patients, they must first and foremost help themselves. Not to do so will ultimately degrade one of … Continue reading Building resilience -your 5-a-day