Anxiety: 8 keys things that have helped me

“Control the controllables” is what an ex-professional rugby player friend told me when I confessed to feeling anxious. I was reminded of this recently when listening to Patrick McKeown. He talked about a famous Irish rugby player who would get really anxious and lose sleep before a big match, despite many years experience. So what … Continue reading Anxiety: 8 keys things that have helped me

Medicine – should I stay or should I go?

I rediscovered this blog that I wrote a while ago when considering whether or not to return to clinical medicine. I thought it worth posting as I have now returned to clinical practice. In a very small way, but this is something that I never thought I would ever do......This was the start of me … Continue reading Medicine – should I stay or should I go?

Could Physical Activity be our Miracle Cure?

Since my breakdown awakening, I have become involved in a number of projects, all linked with health and wellbeing. One of these roles has been working as a GP Clinical Champion for Physical Activity for SE England. In this post (approved by Public Health England), I look at the health benefits of physical activity and … Continue reading Could Physical Activity be our Miracle Cure?

New GP Health service

Mental ill-health in doctors is a global phenomenon. Doctors experience more mental ill health and addiction than other professional groups1. The numbers in the UK are high. A recent survey of 600 doctors by the Medical Protection Society (MPS), reported high levels of stress (75%), anxiety (49%), depression (32%) and suicidal feelings (13%) 2. There are higher rates … Continue reading New GP Health service

Journeys with the Black Dog

Winston Churchill famously talked about his “black dog”, a metaphor for the depression, which plagued him for much of his life. For me, the black dog conjures up images of the snarling, menacing, oppressive beast that haunted me when I was younger reading Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘The Hound of Baskervilles’. All the more sinister in … Continue reading Journeys with the Black Dog

What helped me get back to work. And thrive.

A really inspiring post by Dr Kate Dyerson, a GP principal in Berkshire, who recently went through some struggles of her own. By taking action, she has come out the other side stronger. And thriving.  Following on from the stories that other GPs have been brave enough to post I thought it might be time … Continue reading What helped me get back to work. And thrive.

Burnt-out but not Washed-up

A Poem about Recovery Burnt-out but not Washed-up For many years I did believe Medicine, was all I could achieve So when required to take ‘shore leave’ I found myself begin to grieve My fragile self-esteem was blown Denied self-worth, I felt alone Adrift beyond my comfort zone A future in a world unknown Ashamed … Continue reading Burnt-out but not Washed-up