Burnt-out but not Washed-up

A Poem about Recovery Burnt-out but not Washed-up For many years I did believe Medicine, was all I could achieve So when required to take ‘shore leave’ I found myself begin to grieve My fragile self-esteem was blown Denied self-worth, I felt alone Adrift beyond my comfort zone A future in a world unknown Ashamed … Continue reading Burnt-out but not Washed-up

“Imposter syndrome” & the Wall of Achievement

On holiday recently I had a wobble. Sitting by the side of a lake with my family, I suddenly felt overwhelmed by feelings of shame and failure. I plunged into the lake. The icy water was bitingly cold. An instant tonic to my negative thoughts. As I swam, the "Wall of Achievement", that Stephanie Hopper of "The Geek … Continue reading “Imposter syndrome” & the Wall of Achievement