Thank you for your support

I launched this site last Thursday morning, 4 August 2016. I launched it on Facebook through three groups that I joined when I first had my “mini” breakdown. Or as I now prefer to think of it, my “awakening” and my reconnaissance with social media.

Those three groups are:

  • Resilient GP – “An organisation set up to support GPs in developing working practices designed to prevent burn out and to support a highly effective primary care service that works well both for the doctors and the needs of patients.”
  • GP Survival  – an organisation that aims to
    • To draw attention to the current crisis in General Practice in the UK
    • To identify the causes of this crisis and campaign for realistic solutions
    • To address the 5 main areas affecting the survival of General Practice by campaigning for sustainable workload, fairer funding, promotion of appropriate usage of General Practice, promotion of General Practice itself and supporting a skilled GP workforce
  • Tea and Empathy Facebook group – “a national, informal, peer-to-peer network aiming to foster a compassionate and supportive atmosphere throughout the NHS”

These groups are all doing amazing work and if you are not already a member, please do take a look at them all and encourage others to do so. They are all looking at ways to support doctors and healthcare practitioners in their work. They enable us not to feel alone and provide a forum to share our concerns, gripes and frustrations.

As I mentioned in a post recently, I have often found myself giggling away in a queue reading some of the posts that have been written. There are so many talented, witty people in medicine. It is such a shame that this gets squashed out of us much of the time. We are partly saved though through social media support groups like these where humour, hope and compassion still prevail – and are in abundance.

The response that I have had has been truly amazing. I never expected to receive such support and understanding for my story and such positive encouragement for my project. I want to thank you all and to all my friends and colleagues that have and are supporting me.


Many people have contacted me with their stories. I will be publishing the first of these tomorrow. It is a poem about burnout written by a doctor on the road to recovery.

If you know of any other support networks that you have found useful or of value, please do add them to the comments section so that they can be shared.


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