This site is intended to be helpful for a wide range of doctors, NOT just those that are burnt out. I want it to help all of you who are feeling fed-up, unhappy, stressed, anxious, depressed or simply just emotionally spent.

I have worked as a GP in the NHS for the last 16 years and have always loved my job. However, I recently found that in juggling the demands of general practice, as it is today, with the challenges involved in looking after 3 very young boys, I reached a tipping point. I became increasingly anxious about everything at work, about missing diagnoses and patients coming to harm. I felt that everything that happened or had happened was my responsibility, my fault. I no longer enjoyed my job and became increasingly overwhelmed. I began to feel more and more like the doctor in the image above.

When trying to understand why this had happened to me and why now and what could I do instead, I turned to the internet and found a wealth of useful information but it was all random and disjointed. There was no one resource that I could look at to help or signpost me in the right direction. There was nothing that told me what the next steps were and how I could recover. No stories from others who had been through anything similar.

Given that there are so many doctors currently struggling, I decided to develop this website to help others and provide a forum using blogs and content for us all to:

  • explore why is this happening now and what can we do about it? 
  • help healthcare workers access resources easily to help with exhaustion, mental health issues & burnout
  • provide resources to facilitate colleagues in making the right choices for themselves going forwards whether this is within and/or outside of the healthcare arena
  •  rediscover compassion – for ourselves, our colleagues and our patients
  • promote a feeling of hope for our own futures and of creating a sustainable healthcare system for the future

As this is work in progress, I would really value feedback as to what you like, what you have found particularly helpful, and what improvements you think it needs and what extra resources you would find helpful.

If you have a story to tell that you think would add value to others for the case studies section, then please do contact me. Likewise, if you are interested in writing a guest blog exploring some of the themes on this website.

I look forwards to hearing from you.



2 thoughts on “Welcome to physician burnout

  1. Hi Kate, I am also a Kate and a friend of a friend shared your new site with me. I have just gone back to work tentatively after 6 weeks off and I am readjusting my expectations of myself. SSRI’s are not to be dismissed, nor is a supportive GP who has really helped me by taking some decisions out of my hands for me and I have also seen a therapist and really spent time understanding my own personality traits, where they come from and link in to how I used them in medicine. Mostly they are positive and have made me a great GP but the downside has been an inability to say no and boundary both patients and staff and get increasingly exhausted as a result. Having returned I realise the patient contact does give me pleasure but the dull stuff is miserable and I really resent staying late to do the audits,QOF,CQC rubbish and CCG initiatives! I doubt I am alone. Well done for setting something up that is designed to be supportive and not challenging-that horrible word resilience also stressed me out -we medics are very demanding of each other aren’t we, even when stressed we have to be excellent at dealing with it! Kate Dyerson

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    1. Hi Kate. Thank you for your encouraging feedback and for taking the time to comment. I recognise so many parallels in your story to mine. I am really interested to find out more about how you have identified your personality traits, where they come from and how they link in with your work. There are many traits that we probably all share which are positive yet also have a “darker” side. I will message you as I think that this could be a good story to share. Many thanks once again, Kate


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